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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Work?

Pretty much every company that makes glasses has jumped on the blue light blocking train. They all claim to reduce eye strain and protect our eyes from staring at screens all day. The products run the gamut from trendy computer glasses with seemingly clear lenses to a yellow tinted lens in the type of frames professional bikers wear that wrap around your face. 

I’ve been wearing the clear lens computer glasses from EyeBuyDirect for a couple years and I love them. Personally, I do feel like they reduce eye strain from the computer but I can’t discern whether that’s because the lenses actually work or because the glasses are a physical reminder to relax the muscles in my face. Each time I put on the glasses I find myself in the habit of taking a deep breath and noticing how tense I am holding the muscles around my eyes and jaw. Even though I created this habit subconsciously, it is James Clear‘s system-based habits idea come to life. I leave my computer glasses at my desk and each time I sit down I see them which is the triggering event to remember to relax those muscles.

As part of my sleep better experiment, I decided to purchase a pair of red tinted, 100% blue light blocking glasses. Blue light is said to inhibit the production of melatonin which is a hormones that helps you fall asleep. If you block the blue light, then supposedly the body will produce more melatonin and get you to sleep faster. 

There are so many brands to choose from so I broke my criteria down to two parts. The first was the glasses needed to be 100% blue light blocking. Not all advertised blue light blocking products do this! My research showed the red-tinted lens, while looking totally silly, did this best. And the second was finding a frame size that would fit my face comfortably. After some classic millennial Googling and reading reviews, I settled on the BluBox Sleep+ series with the Denver style frames. I found it was easier to purchase the glasses on Amazon vs. the company website so added a link here if you want to give them a try.

They say to put the glasses on a couple hours before bed. In the excitement of the first couple days I was pretty good and remembering to go upstairs and put the glasses on after dinner but after the initial excitement died down, I started forgetting. Now, I tend to put them on right when I get into bed before I read, surf the internet or finish up an episode of the Great British Baking Show (I actually don’t like to bake but the show is one of the few that I’ve found that don’t spike your adrenaline right before bed). 

Without further ado, let’s get into the real question here. Do they work? Do the glasses help me fall asleep faster? The answer: Yes! But not when my nervous system is on high alert. I’ve found the glasses actually work really well on the average night. But…they don’t work if my nervous system is stalling in fight or flight from the stress of the day. The nervous system is quite powerful and seems to override any extra melatonin my body produces. So here’s the verdict, in my opinion they were worth the ~$100 I spent and they have made a difference even though I look totally silly wearing them. So… welcome to my bedtime routine BluBox, I’m happy to include you!

With love,

Annelise Bretthauer


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