Better Sleep

The Nasty Sleep Cycle I’m Trying to Break

I’ve never been a good sleeper…

I am one of those needs it pitch black, cold with a bunch of warm blankets, a fan for white noise, a good pillow and about an hour to get my “tired eyes” on. Back in college and grad school I was protective over my sleep getting in bed at 9pm with lights out at 10pm and sleeping until 7am. I was one of those weird college students who didn’t mind the 8am class because there was less people and my brain works best between 8am and 1pm. 

Post grad school, as I entered the investment business my sleep changed. I would typically arrive at work between 6:30am and 7am which means I was getting up at 5:15am but my bedtime remained the same. This loss of an hour and 45 minutes each night started to add up and I could feel my adrenals fading. The rush of adrenaline I would get from work made it hard to shut off at night. The more adrenaline during the day, the less tired I felt so my body operated in the fight or flight mode for a couple years. This created a nasty cycle which I am still trying to break. 

I don’t think I’m alone in this issue. Tackling bad sleep feels like a big task so I’ve decided to take the James Clear, Atomic Habits approach and change my system to change my habits. Although this journey may change based on what I find helpful and what is not, I plan to try three new ideas. 

As I try these ideas I will write new posts with my thoughts and link them below!

Get a new pillow.
Try a weighted blanket.
Wear blue light blocking glasses.

With love,

Annelise Bretthauer

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